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What You Should Know About Electronics

Electronics is the branch of physics that deals with the emission and effects of electrons and the operation of electronic devices. How Is Electronics Different From Electricity? Many devices, from toasters to vacuum cleaners, use electricity as an energy source. These electrical devices transform the electrical current they receive through your wall socket and transform it into another form of energy. Your toaster, for example, transforms electricity into heat. Your lamp transforms electricity into light. Your vacuum cleaner transforms electrical energy into motion that drives the vacuums motor. Electronic devices, however, do more. Instead of transforming electrical energy into heat, light, or motion, they actually manipulate the electrical current itself. In this way, electronic devices can add meaningful information to the current itself. Thus, an electric current can be manipulated to carry sound, video, or data. Most devices are both electrical and electronic. For example, your brand new toaster may transform electricity into heat and also manipulate the current using a thermostat that maintains a specific temperature. Similarly, your cell phone needs a battery to provide electrical energy, but it also manipulates electricity to transmit sound and pictures. History of Electronics While we think of electronics as a modern field, it has actually been around for well over 100 years. In fact, the first manipulation of electrical currents for practical purposes began in 1873 (with Thomas Edison). The first major breakthrough in electronics occurred in 1904, with the invention of the vacuum tube (also called the thermionic valve). Vacuum tubes made possible the invention of TV, radio, radar, telephones, amplifiers, and even microwave ovens. In fact, they were used throughout most of the 20th century and are even in use in some places today. Then, in 1955, IBM introduced a calculator that used transistor circuits without vacuum tubes. It contained no fewer than 3,000 individual transistors. Digital technology (in which information is shared using a combination of 0s and 1s) became easier to design with the use of transistors. Miniaturization has led to a revolution in digital technology. Today, we think of electronics as relating to high tech fields such as computer design, information technology, and design of electronic devices. The reality, however, is that electricity and electronics are still very closely allied. As a result, even auto mechanics must have a good understanding of both fields. Preparing for a Career in Electronics The field of electronics is vast, and electronic engineers generally make a very good living. If you are planning to go to college, you may choose to major in electronic engineering, or you may choose a university where you can specialize in a particular field such as aerospace, telecommunications, or manufacturing. In any case, you will be learning about the physics and practical uses of electricity and electromagnetism. If you are not going the college route, you have several good options in the field of electronics. Electricians, for example, are often trained through apprenticeship programs; todays electricians must also be up to date with electronics, as most projects require a working knowledge of both. Other options include electronic sales, manufacturing, and technician jobs.

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The Importance Of Communication In Foreign Language Students

When it comes to varied communication among cultures, teaching language can be complex. In many educational programs, culture has been neglected or mistreated when it comes to teaching foreign languages. Culture is often thought as a supplementary topic but attention is needed to bring forward considering that culture is the highlight of communication to foreign language students. Another study has been conducted to analyze English as a second language program in schools. Anne Ma and her colleagues (2014) address several approaches when it comes to teachers preparing and teaching students who are from another country. The main purpose of the study was to enrich the understanding of the English as a second language student and perform a†¦show more content†¦As Ma s research continues, the analysis of the interviews was used to calculate the responses from the participants to their language confidence and attitudes towards immersion on culture. To support the researchers calc ulations, the use of the Strategies Inventory for Learning Culture, developed by Michael Paige, helped organize the categories for learning the culture and the strategies that were used. The Strategies Inventory for Learning Culture consisted of activities which helped to improve English and strategies to help communicate. As a result, the participants response to the interviews calculated high percentages to speaking and listening strategies when it comes to learning English as a second language. The least strategy effective in learning English was writing and translation. The findings also show, when the participant engage in conversations with dominant English language speakers, they tend to develop a broader knowledge of the culture. The listening strategies mentioned helps the participants to comprehend as they become more engaged with the English dialect. Another strategy that has helped the participants to cope with the new language and culture was setting aside their own beliefs and values, as well, changing their mindset and becoming adjusted to the new culture. Another studying on communication was aimed to explore the factors on intercultural differencesShow MoreRelatedMotivation Is Not Always Present For The Classroom At Milby High School1642 Words   |  7 Pagesthe importance of speaking Spanish in the real world. These small but highly motivating things Mrs. Garcia would do, lead most of her students into wanting to be teachers, and it lead me into wanting to motivate others into learning Spanish as a Spanish teacher. Looking back at my own experience with a new foreign language, I want to better understand ways to keep a student motivated and analyze the reasons behind the lack of it. â€Å"Learning a language is no easy task but a foreign language enablesRead MoreThe Importance Of Learning A Second Language955 Words   |  4 Pagescountry has escalated, and the language barriers have become more dominant in the society. The importance of learning a second language has also intensified. An acquired knowledge of a language, other than English, would be able reduce the evident cultural barriers in the country. The fact that St. Louis College of Pharmacy is not offering electives for second language for its seven year program students is unfavorable to the current diverse population. The Pharmacy students should have an opportunityRead MoreDisadvantages Of Japanese English Proficiency823 Words   |  4 Pages1. Introduction It is often said that Japanese English proficiency is not high especially in communication skills such as listening and speaking abilities in comparison with other non-English native countries. The report of EF Education First (a global language training company), EF English Proficiency Index, which was made from the results of nearly 5 million adults test takers from 60 non-English native countries, ranks Japan as 26th out of 60 in average level of English proficiency in 2013(EFRead MoreEffective Instruction For English Learners1414 Words   |  6 Pages(2011) in their article â€Å"Effective Instruction for English Learners† consider the problem of students who are non English speakers and come to live in the USA for several reasons such as immigrants. The U.S government requires every school that has more than 5 percent non-English speakers to provide these with specialized programs. The authors go to explain useful instructions for teaching students English Language. The y also review the most successful models for teaching non native speakers. The authorsRead MoreBilingual Application For Bilingual Applicants953 Words   |  4 PagesThroughout the years, time has showed us that being bilingual has gain importance and is consider to be more of a necessity now. A brain that understands more than one language is more alert than one who knows just one language. Being bilingual has many benefits. A couple advantages of being bilingual would be greater job opportunities, comfortable traveling and higher test scores. Being bilingual opens the gates to better job opportunities. When filling out an application form for a job positionRead MoreMy First Career Aspiration At Age Six Of Being An Avid Traveler966 Words   |  4 Pagesrealistic, goal of working for the foreign office. My specific interest in Japan began through literature. Years ago I read one of my favourite authors, David Mitchell, beautifully describe Japanese culture after being enraptured by the country from his time teaching English there. This led me to explore the works of Haruki Murakami and Yukio Mishima which began my continuing enthusiasm for Japan. During my semester abroad I became good friends with a Japanese student also on exchange and have finallyRead Moreforeign language instruction should beg1476 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Topic: Foreign Language Instruction Should Begin in Kindergarten, Discuss. Submitted to: - Rob Horlin Submitted by: - Ranjit Singh Student ID - 13903 Class- EAP 2A Date -29-08-2014 Foreign language instruction should begin in kindergarten, discuss. Foreign language is a language native to other nation. Learning a foreign language is becoming essential nowadays and it can change the way of life. To communicate and trade with people from different nations there is a greatRead MoreLearning A Foreign Language For Grade School1026 Words   |  5 PagesLearning a Foreign Language in Grade School Have you ever wished you took a foreign language class in school because that one person you like speaks another language? Or going on a vacation in another country and wished you had taken that French class in school so you didn t have to keep your book handy just in case? Students in junior high and high school should be required to learn a foreign language because you learn about different cultures, it opens up a world of job opportunities and helpsRead MoreThe Evolution of Second- and Foreign- Language Teaching1662 Words   |  7 PagesThe Evolution of Second- and Foreign- Language Teaching (The 19th and 20th Century and The New Era of Second Language Teaching) In his treatment of the historical developments in language pedagogy, Stern (1992) isolates three ways in which language pedagogy has aimed to renew and improve itself:1. Innovation through change in teaching methods; 2. Innovation through language-related sciences and research; 3. Technological innovation. During the nineteenth century, the Grammar-TranslationRead MoreRichard Rodriguez s Hunger Of Memory1740 Words   |  7 PagesLanguage is defined as a system for the expression of thoughts and feelings by the use of spoken words ( We hear our first language before we are born. We enter the world with the ability to be comforted by the sounds we came to understand before we came out of our mother’s womb. As we grow, we use our words to express who we are becoming as an individual. We may use the same words as others, but the style of speaking we use is one that we develop over time, and is specific to us

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Reflective Log Post Modernity Free Essays

Through the lecture of week 2, I understood the definition of post modernity. It is defined that ‘Post modernity is a reaction to the advanced alienation of late capitalism tempt to restore some meaning to the existential despair over the growing irrationality of modernity’ (Lee, 1992). In addition, I also learned that post modernity has many characteristics which consists of hyper reality, chronology, fragmentation, dedifferentiation, pastiche, anti-foundationalism, reversals of production and consumption, decentering of subject and paradoxical juxtapositions. We will write a custom essay sample on Reflective Log: Post Modernity or any similar topic only for you Order Now However, I did not understand what they are and it is really complex to learn initially. After the lecture, I knew them better than before. For example, Disney land theme parks all over the world could be strongly reflected the hyper reality. Personally, Hyperrealism is a symptom of postmodern culture. Hyper reality does not â€Å"exist† or â€Å"not exist. It is simply a way of describing the information to which the consciousness is subject. I good understand about this feature. Furthermore, take ‘Hui Li’ Sneakers in China as a good example. This brand sneaker is popular in 1990s, and goes out of the market for nearly 20 years, but it is popular on the market up again as the symbol of the main trend. Moreover, pastiche as a feature in post modernity was reflected interestingly. For example, in the post modern society, those creative people are not rigidly adhere to old things and want to use modern elements on the basis of the original classics. A famous oil painting of ‘The Last Supper’ by Leonardo da Vinci was recreated in a new interesting style. I have understood three features of hyper reality, chronology and pastiche very well. Nevertheless, the rest features are not so well understanding about them, and I will continually learn them step by step. How to cite Reflective Log: Post Modernity, Essay examples

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New Jersey Vs. T.L.O. Essays - Piscataway, New Jersey,

New Jersey Vs. T.L.O. Christopher D. Monroe II New Jersey Vs. T.L.O. Facts of the Case On March 7, 1985 T.L.O. and another student were found smoking in the woman's bathroom. They were then taken to see the Assistant Principal, Mr. Choplick, and were questioned about smoking in the bathroom. Upon further questioning the second student told Mr. Choplick she was smoking T.L.O. denied she was smoking and also claimed ? I don't smoke at all?. Mr. Choplick then asked if he could search the purse and T.L.O. complied. Upon first opening the purse a pack of cigarettes was found and under it was a pack of rolling papers. In Mr. Choplick's experience rolling papers are a prerequisite of marijuana use. Upon further inspection he found a pipe, plastic bags commonly referred to as ?dime bags?, marijuana, a large sum of money, and notes implicating T.L.O. in marijuana dealing. Mr. Choplick then informed T.L.O.'s mother and the police of the offense and then sent in the evidence to the police. While in police custody T.L.O. confessed to marijuana dealing. She was charged with delinquency. In court T.L.O tried to suppress the evidence by deeming the evidence inadmissible because of her 4th amendment rights being disrupted and the confession inadmissible because of her 5th amendment rights being violated in conjunction with evidence found. She was found guilty and then it was overturned by the New Jersey Supreme Court. Parts of the Constitution IV amendment V amendment XIV amendment Precedents Hudson Vs. Palmer Brown Vs. Board of Education South Dakota Vs. Opperman Arguments In trying to accomplish the feat of a safe school environment you have to give up some personal freedoms. This trial is not about her smoking but about the marijuana found while the purse was searched for cigarettes. The search of the purse was reasonable because of the suspicion of her smoking in the bathroom. During that search cigarettes were found along with wrapping papers for cigarettes or marijuana as mostly used by teenagers. Upon that evidence he searched the bag thoroughly in a separate compartment he found marijuana, plastic bags, a large sum of money, and notes implicating her in marijuana dealing. Legal Issues

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Choosing Your Religion and Political Beliefs †Literature Essay

Choosing Your Religion and Political Beliefs – Literature Essay Free Online Research Papers Choosing Your Religion and Political Beliefs Literature Essay Everyone knows that part of the idea behind the creation of an independent nation in the 1700’s was the opportunity for all people to make choices for themselves and to be whoever they wanted to be. Whether or not the idea turned out the way it was supposed to, is another question. However, the opportunity for people to make choices concerning religion, political beliefs and other important matters relies upon the idea that people are equipped to make these decisions, as well as other less substantial decisions everyday. Supposing that people have the ability to live as individuals, responsible for and living in the best possible way for themselves, assumes that people are capable of making good decisions, decisions benefiting themselves and those around them in the best possible way. The possibility of this ideal, the basis of the establishment of America, is explored and represented in a number of the works of the time, including Hannah Webster Foster’s The Coquette, and in Charles Brockden Brown’s Weiland and Arthur Mervyn. In the works, the authors represent individualism in different ways, but each seems to support the idea that it is impossible for any person to make every decision co rrectly for him or herself, and that to some extent, all need the help of others to make the choices which are best for themselves and the world around them. Foster presents the idea that women are unable to make good decisions for themselves in The Coquette. In The Coquette, Eliza is always appealing to her family and friends for help in making her decisions regarding her two suitors, and she is constantly going back and forth with her decisions and convictions. One moment, Eliza has determined to be with Boyer, and the next she is regretting and recanting her decision and again running to Sanford. Eliza also declares again and again that she is no longer going to see or spend time with Sanford, only to agree to a meeting with him only days or moments later. Even after Eliza makes a seemingly definitive decision to reject Sanford, she does not follow it, to the dismay of her family and friends. Eliza’s indecisiveness even leads to the loss of Boyer, and it is not until he has found another love that she makes the decision that she loves him. Eliza’s inability to make a timely decision only leads to her misfortune. Further supporting the idea that Eliza is incapable of making a good decision is the result of her final decision to be with Sanford. Although it could be argued that a part of Eliza’s misery stems from her family and friends lack acceptance of her choices, it is undeniable that her ultimate decision results in the ruin of her life, both emotionally and physically. Because Eliza consents to the affair with Sanford, she is resigned to a life of shame and ruined reputation, and she mourns her decision and the effect it will have on her mother and friends as soon as her â€Å"mistake† is revealed. As a result of her decision to be with Sanford, Eliza becomes pregnant, and the shame and strain of bearing a child out of wedlock leads to her eventual death. Clearly Eliza is unable to make a good decision, so it is entirely possible that Foster believes that not only her character, but all women, are unable to do so as well. Foster seems to support the idea that women nee d the help and advice of others in order to make the right decision, and that a foolish girl trying to make such decisions for herself, trying to exert her individuality, can only result in disaster in the end. Brown also leads the reader to question individuals’ abilities to make good decisions in Wieland. In Wieland, several characters are presented as making decisions which have extreme ill effects for those around them, implying that Brown supports the idea that individuals are incapable of relying solely on themselves when it comes to decision making. Such bad decision making is without a doubt illustrated in the decisions of the villain of Weiland, Carwin. In the work, Carwin’s choice to fool around with the Wieland family creates the worst possible effects for everyone. Because of Carwin’s pranks, the family goes through countless instances of horror and grief, and their content existence is essentially ruined. Carwin and his ventriloquism causes the distress of Clara, her brother Wieland, and his entire family, and leads to an immense amount of questioning and doubting among the group. Carwin’s tricks may even have played a role in Wieland’s slaughtering of his family, if not by the direct encouragement through ventriloquism of Wieland to sacrifice them, at least by making his mind more susceptible to a mental breakdown causing him to do so by placing unnecessary stress on his mind. Carwin comes to regret his fooling with the family, as is demonstrated by his attempt to gain forgiveness and to explain himself to Clara after the nasty results of his schemes. Since Carwin regrets his decision to use the family to entertain himself, he too is illustrated as unable to make a decision which is best for himself, and which has even worse results for those around him. It could also be argued that Wieland himself is further proof of the individual’s inability to make responsible and good decisions. Not only does Wieland make the unfortunate decision to murder his family as homage to God, but his apparent mental instability initiates questioning about the ability for all Americans to make decisions for themselves. If mental instability could happen in the case of one American, it could logically happen to others, making the stability of all America vulnerable. If there are those out there who are hearing voices telling them to kill their families, America truly is in danger, especially if these people are being trusted to make significant decisions affecting themselves and others. Brown seems to be warning his readers against this possibility, and to be supporting the idea that one alone cannot make the important decisions for himself or for society. Inexperience seems to be the problem associated with one making one’s own decisions in Arthur Mervyn. Again in Mervyn, Brown seems to be supporting the idea that the intelligence of more than one person is necessary to make good decisions, and that the individual is incapable of making the wisest choices for oneself. Arthur Mervyn seems to be Brown’s illustration of why individuals are incapable of decision making, as he is undeniably inexperienced and uneducated, and unable to trust in many of his own choices in important matters. Although Mervyn seems to place faith in his actions and their moral consequences, he still is unable to believe himself to possess enough experience and knowledge to make every good decision and to achieve anything substantial in society or the world. He is constantly seeking the advice and counsel of his wiser and more worldly friends, such as the Stevens’ and even Welbeck, proving his desperation for resources and help and his in ability to make choices for himself. Mervyn even requires the advice and encouragement of Mr. Stevens in the situation of making Ascha his wife, demonstrating that he cannot make important decisions for himself even when they are of the most personal kind. Adding further doubt to Mervyn’s ability to make good decisions is the fact that when Mervyn does make a decision for himself, it has many extremely unfortunate results. Because Mervyn decides to run hastily to the city to save Susan’s fiancà ©, he causes a number of events which have terrible effects for himself and for those around him. Since Mervyn left without informing the Hadwin’s of his intentions, Mr. Hadwin risks his life unnecessarily in entering the city himself to search for Wallace. Mervyn also exposes himself to the disease while conducting his search, an occurrence which leads to the danger of infection to others as well. Undoubtedly, Mervyn is a reckless and somewhat thoughtless man when he must make his own decisions, and if it were not for luck and the care of others, he most likely would not have made it through his ordeal alive and happy. Without the intervention of others, and their help in making his choices, Mervyn would not have had his happy ending, showing that Brown believes that everyone needs help when it comes to deciding what is best for themselves and for the world. As Foster and Brown demonstrate, although America may be ideally a land where people can achieve individuality, it may not always be best for people to assume responsibility for each decison in such a tumultuous time. As the works demonstrate, looking only into oneself for the right answers is not always best, and can have some unfortunate results. Therefore, these authors each seem to be supporting the idea that in a time of many questions and such doubt, allowing others to advise and counsel can only help in the decision-making process, and help to ensure the well-being and happiness of those for whom they care. Research Papers on Choosing Your Religion and Political Beliefs - Literature EssayCapital PunishmentAssess the importance of Nationalism 1815-1850 EuropeIncorporating Risk and Uncertainty Factor in Capital19 Century Society: A Deeply Divided EraCanaanite Influence on the Early Israelite ReligionThree Concepts of PsychodynamicGenetic EngineeringRelationship between Media Coverage and Social andComparison: Letter from Birmingham and CritoResearch Process Part One

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What to Do When a Possessive Blocks Punctuation

What to Do When a Possessive Blocks Punctuation What to Do When a Possessive Blocks Punctuation What to Do When a Possessive Blocks Punctuation By Mark Nichol When one refers to a city followed by the name of the state or a larger entity in which the city is located, the larger entity is set off from the smaller one by a pair of commas. But how do you treat such a reference when the place name is possessive? Revise the reference. A reader sent me this note: â€Å"I came across this in this morning’s New York Times: â€Å"In Portland, Oregon’s Pearl District, Dave Trausneck said he draws inspiration from the many states he has called home.† I suppose there should be a comma after Oregon’s but it sure would look hinky. It’s an awkward little phrase. What do you think? Should it be recast to read, â€Å"In the Pearl District, in Portland, Oregon, Dave Trausneck said he draws inspiration from the many states he has called home†? Oddly, as far as I know, this question is not resolved in any writing or editing handbooks, but some online commentators agree with the reader and me that a comma after Oregon would be quite hinky. But the New York Times usage, as she suggests, possesses some hinkiness of its own. I would change it with a revision similar to hers, but with a construction that reduces the comma count: â€Å"In the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon, Dave Trausneck said he draws inspiration from the many states he has called home.† A similar aberration appears in such sentences as â€Å"The Albany, New York-based company was founded in 1999.† Technically, the hyphen, to demonstrate that â€Å"New York,† not just York, is being attached to based as a phrasal adjective, should be an en dash, but that subtlety is lost on many readers (and writers). Regardless, it’s better to write around this style break: â€Å"The company, based in Albany, New York, was founded in 1999.† Alternatively, consider whether â€Å"based in† is superfluous it’s relevant only if the company is headquartered in Albany, New York, but has other locations and delete the phrase if appropriate: â€Å"The Albany, New York, company was founded in 1999.† Then there’s the intrusive insertion of a parenthesis between the possessive form of a name and the noun it refers to, as in â€Å"The law went into effect when Russia’s (then the Soviet Union) road use was not as heavy because fewer citizens owned vehicles.† Should â€Å"Soviet Union† also be possessive? No, because it’s a parenthetical insertion of the different name of the country during the period being referred to. But revise the syntax to avoid the possessive form altogether: â€Å"The law went into effect when road use in Russia (then the Soviet Union) was not as heavy because fewer citizens owned vehicles.† Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Style category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:15 Terms for Those Who Tell the FutureConnotations of 35 Words for Funny People40 Irregular Verbs That Can End in â€Å"-t†

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Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 161

Summary - Essay Example to involve the OSHA under the cooperation program, Voluntary Protection Program (VPP), that encourage training and union reputation to keep worker injuries at a minimal rate, given that organizations are usually too focussed on their products and services to attend to the safety concerns of workers (Maguire 46). This action plan will involve all the major functions of the organization. A statement of conditions will be made. This is a guideline on the measures to be taken in case of safety emergencies. On the grounds and equipment, the material and equipment used in the production will be upgraded to modern standards so as to avoid safety violation. Modern equipment is computerized and safer because activities that are sensitive and risky are carried out by the machines instead of workers who are prone to error, one of main causes of accidents. The working condition of the equipment and materials is essential in ensuring the safety of the workers. Managers from the moulding, maintenance, and the assembly departments will be important in ensuring that the regular checks are made on the equipment to ensure the working condition is up to standard. To ensure the safety of employees, all the safety policies including the safety regulations, including the OSHA regulation will be incorporated, and those in contempt will be punished. A strict drug policy will be incorporated to ensure the safety of the workers and their colleague. This policy will apply to all the members of XYZ from the highest rank to the lowest rank. Risk assessment schedules will be conducted regularly in each department. The General Manager will demand consistent assessments regarding the activities of the workers and the conditions of the working environment. In implementing the action plan to raise the safety standards of the workplace, the management will initiate a multi-stakeholder plan to streamline the safety efforts of all the players. This will entail improving the both employee and